Make do and mend!  There are so many beautiful old buildings in Britain that are falling down.  We’d love to work with you to save and restore these special buildings before it’s too late.  Repurposing old buildings is the ultimate form of recycling and a great investment for the future.  Old steadings – or barns – no longer big enough for modern machinery, redundant factories, empty workshops, abandoned hospitals, quaint old schools, or disued churches can all have a new lease of life.

We have worked on all sorts of exciting and creative projects to make wonderful old buildings relevant again and reimagine their future.  These have included old steadings, stables, coach houses, farm courts, a maternity hospital, a castle, a bothy, abandoned cottages and tumble down farmhouses.

We believe the potential re-use options are almost limitless and we love working with owners of such buildings to creatively re-imagine their future – and then to make it happen.

Our project, Burmieston Steading, was joint winner of  Historic Environment Scotland’s Conservation and Climate Change Award 2018 – an award which highlights examples of best practice in building conservation including energy efficiency and carbon reduction.


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