East Tullyfergus is a lovely Perthshire farmhouse near Alyth.  Our clients bought the farm in 2014 and were keen to modernise the farmhouse.   The interior was disjointed and there was an extension to the rear which had seen better days.  The kitchen was in a small dark north facing room and the two best rooms in the house were rarely used.

Building Workshop was asked to help transform the farmhouse into a beautiful and functional home suitable for contemporary country living.  We love this sort of project!

Our design completely changed the way the building is used.  We created a simple hallways which connects the front and back of the house and removed some internal walls to connect spaces, allowing open plan living.  Natural daylight now flows through the interior and the farmhouse is a much brighter and more uplifting home.

The double storey extension includes a back door entrance with a farm office, storage, boot room, plant room and larder on the ground floor (lots of painted wood panelling, stone flooring and space for wellies) and additional bedrooms and bathrooms on the first floor.  The project was completed in 2017.

East Tullyfergus house restoration renovation extension
sketch render architect design east tullyfergus
East Tullyfergus house restoration renovation extension
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entrance hall
internal hallway
open plan kitchen living
kitchen living open plan perthshire country living farmhouse
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bathroom country living perthshire